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Monthly Meeting

This month's meeting will be at 7:30 PM on Jan. 27th at the NRA Headquarters.  If we are snowed or iced out, the meeting/election will skip to the 24th of Feb. at the same time and place.  Please note we have reverted to the 4th Thursday of the month until otherwise notified - i.e. gun shows, picnics, etc. may be at other times.

Program the Month

Mo Phillips will be presenting this month and his subject will be the evolution of the Maynard Tape Primer System in muskets.  Don't miss this one, as it should be most interesting and educational.  Bring any Maynard Tape muskets you have and also do not forget to show and tell....we have had some interesting things show up recently.

Last Month's combined Nov. and Dec. Meeting

We probably had the most interesting presentation ever at this meeting...Upwards of 140 members and guests listened very intently as Phil Schreier presented his well researched slide presentation on the "Colts of Samuel Walker".  This presentation's goal was to document and finally determine which two pistols were in Col. Walker's possession when he was killed in the Mexican War in 1846.  It has apparently been a subject of considerable controversy and debate for many decades.  Phil's research efforts apparently paid off and the conclusion was that there were very strong indications that they were pistols with (I hope I am correct - I failed to write it down) serial numbers 1009 and 1010.  As a final act to this grand effort, Phil introduced a delightful physician and his wife from Philadelphia who owned both and presented both of these pistols at the meeting - white gloves and all!   I understand the purchase price for the two was just a tad under 4 million (dollars, not Rubles!).  The NRA presented two National Treasurers Awards - one for each pistol!  These awards are not awarded very often...The two Colts were something to behold.

As an additional bonus, Phil then introduced the widow of the late Col. Bill Brophy (hopefully, no introduction needed) and a whole bunch of the late Col Walkers' descendents who just happen to live in Prince George County, Maryland.  Lots of photos and applause!  What an evening!!  It was a treat and a once in a lifetime experience.

This program has to be one of the high water marks of presentations at VGCA meetings since 1983!  We have had some good ones...but this was in a class by itself.

This proves that one does NOT have to have a large number of arms for a good presentation at the monthly meetings!  If you missed this meeting - well, what can I tell you? sadly and hopefully for good reason, missed the BIG ONE.  As a club, we all owe Phil and Doug a big thank you for the three simply outstanding NRA presentations this year.  I spoke to Phil recently and he plans three more next year - April, August and December.   Will announce the subjects when received.  You can bet they will be "first cabin".  You might say "thanks" when you next see either of them.

At the conclusion of the above wonderful activities, "John the Wallace", in his own inimitable "U.S.M.C." - head up-straight ahead style, outlined the recent Russian trip to which several VGCA and NORVA members were invited by the Government of Udmurtia (a member of the Russian Federation) to celebrate the 80th Birthday Jubilee Celebration of General Kalashnikov.  His photos and tales were very well received and most of the tales were true!

Show and tell was excellent as well - Pete Roberts had a nice 1926 SW Target Revolver that is extremely rare.

Voting on New Members

Please make our ten newest members welcome.  They are Geoff Leighton, Tom Jourdan, Dilworth Cook, Edwin T. Oliver, Thomas Hunter Burts, Roger Mercier, George D. Brock, Laurence A. Cooley, Mike Orsinger, and Benjamin Sims IV.  New members - you can get your photo ID badge made at the March show - March 25-26 at Hugo's Show Hall in Bealeton, VA.  I have copies of the Articles of Incorporation, the current bylaws, and the current show rules.  Please get a copy and carefully read all three.  New or older members - if you would like me to mail you copies of any or all of them, let me know that as well.  Everyone should be somewhat familiar with them.   If they need upgraded, you will be at least conversant with the issues and understand the need to change things a bit from time to time.

Dues for 2000 are due in January

New members and annual members are reminded that dues - $20.00 - will be due in January.  Kindly send them to Ed Costello at 3109 N. Inglewood St., Arlington, VA   22207-1545.  Life membership is $100.00 if you plan to stick around.  As mentioned, if you just joined in November or December of 1999, just pay dues in 2000 and do not worry about trying to pro rate dues from last year.


The January meeting will be the election as I mentioned last month.  The four officers are to be elected for a two year term (2000 - 2002).  Emory Hackman - our most learned and energetic nomination committee- announced last month that the committee's candidates are:

President:    Mo Phillips
                   Addison Hurst

Vice-Pres:   Sonny Laine
                   Mo Phillips (from the floor) - withdrew from consideration
                   Addison Hurst (from the floor) - withdrew from consideration

Treasurer:    Ed Costello

Secretary:    Mike Vargosco

After these tow floor nominations, a call to close the nominations was made, seconded and passed by a voice vote of the membership.

I will prepare ballots for the January meeting.  In addition to the above listed candidates, there will be a WRITE IN LINE for anyone else's name you would like to vote for any of the four offices.   You must be present to vote an proxy votes are not permitted by our Articles of Incorporation (Article III C).  To be as fair as possible to those in attendance, we will again open nominations from the floor at the meeting for all four offices.

Emory Hackman, Jim Burgess, and Gary Holderman will count the votes and officially announce the new officers.  Exercise your right and come out to vote as it is YOUR club and you must decide who your officers will be.

Trip to Springfield Armory??

We (Mo, Jim, and Bill) are developing plans to make a trip to SA in June with Jim Burgess and Bill Edwards leading the way.  For the benefit of the many new members, Jim is a Park Ranger at the Manassas Battlefield and can arrange for quite a visit to the SA National Historic Site.  Bill is a well known authority on Civil War arms.   We are looking at "doing" SW and Colt while we are in the area.   More on that as it develops.  Sounds like a fun field trip even if it is by bus.  Sing up at the meeting in Jan. so we can get and idea of the numbers interested in going.  Also list your preference of dates.  It would almost have to be a long weekend.  Depending on the costs, the club will, hopefully, subsidize a large part of the costs - i.e. bus rental, etc.

Hope to see you at the meeting.  Although I will - if asked - assist in the preparation of future newsletters, this will be my last newsletter to you in my "official" capacity as Secy.  I have written a "few" letters to you in some eighteen or so years!  I will be glad in some ways to be relieved of this duty.  But I must say, for the most part, I have enjoyed writing it for you.  I have always felt that good newsletters were a sine qua non for the survival of the club.  I feel absolutely sure that good newsletters will continue.  They must and they will!!

Please meet out newest member, Don Wong. Col Wong is a delightful gentleman who attended our VGCA picnic. His interest is in small arms. He is a Viet Nam vet and a true kindred spirit of mine since we were in the same area while there. Make him feel at home.

Lastly, over the years I sometimes delighted in occasionally including in the newsletters political cartoons, etc. that I thought funny, anti "Clintonista", clever or thought provoking.  I came across a quote a few months ago in Precision Shooting that is all four.  It is an undated quote from the (late?) famous actor Sir Peter Ustinov:

"Courage is often a lack of insight, whereas cowardice in many cases is based on good information"

Hope we all make it well into the next century.  If we do or we don't I hope to see you at the meeting on the 27th. 

Addison Hurst