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Monthly Meeting

This month's meeting will be the 27th at 8PM at the NRA Hdqt.   The program will be by Al Edge who will discuss the fine points of making high grade Hawken type rifles.  He will have examples of his work.  I understand the Ernie Padgett has on of the rifles....perhaps Ernie will bring it to the meeting.  It should be a most interesting program so get there early and grab some food and enjoy.

Last month's presentation by Doug Wicklund on the C.W. Sniper Rifles was simply outstanding.  The presentation was a joint effort of the NRA and VGCA and by rough count we had some 92 members and guests in attendance.  If you missed it, you missed it!  Shame on you.

June Meeting

The picnic at NORVA on Sat. June 19 will be the meeting for that month.  If you need directions, let me know.  The 100 yard and Skeet/Trap fields will be open.   However, please keep in mind that the uncontrolled shooting from past years is a thing of the past.  There will be a fixed number of shooting points open and you are welcome to shoot whatever you like.  The range control will be tight and only one shooter per point will be permitted to shoot.  The ranges will be closed during lunch.  Mo Phillips will be shooting his 6" 1849 Dalghren Boat Howitzer.   If you have not seen this, you should.  It is incredible and seeing this rare piece firing is a unique experience.  It rapidly converts pallets at the 100 yard range to kindling.  Needless to say, eye and ear protection will be required for everyone at the shooting points.  As usual, please bring your favorite covered dish or bread or dessert, etc.  Sodas, paper plates, etc. will be provided as usual.   These dishes will compliment Ed Johnson's well known pork and beef BBQ that he cooks all night in the pig cooker especially for this purposes - affectionately known as "Hog Heaven".  There is no charge for the picnic but we do need to know how many will be there so we know how much food to buy.  Please sign the roster at the meeting or call or email me with the total number in your party.  Provide your last name and the total number of adults.  This way we will not double count members that are members of both organizations.  Gary Holderman will have the ID camera at the picnic so all new members of VGCA can get photo ID badges made.  Gary will also have the camera at the fall show.

New Members

We need to vote on two applicants:  Henry Hagenon.  Charlie Rausch is his sponsor.  Also, we need to vote on John Cahill, whose sponsor is Ernie Lyles.   Either the applicant or the sponsor need to be present to speak for the applicant.

Jack Bokinshy's Bear Hunt

As there are many members who can not make the meeting due to distance, I thought I would relate a most interesting story.  Jack and Doby recently went with a research team from VA Tech and State Biologists to examine a Black Bear den high atop a mountain near Harrisonburg, VA.  It was done before the Mama bear finished her hibernation.   They examined the mother bear who was given a shot to make sure she did not wake up when Jack and others were holding one of her babies.  The babies were checked out and they got their lips tattooed with ID numbers.  Mother bear had a radio collar.   Mother bear and her two little ones were fine. 

U.S. Senate Helps Us for Once

On May 12, the Senate defeated a Democratic proposal to require background checks for all transactions at gun shows.  I am sure Ernie Padgett will have lots to say on this and other anti gun measures at the meeting.  Zipper Willie was outraged!

Hope to see you all at the meeting on the 27th.

Addison Hurst,