Newsletter Archives for the V.G.C.A.


Membership Meeting

Hopefully, you remembered that the meeting starts at 7 PM this time rather than at 7:30 ass last month. The date is the 26th at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax. The program will be Harry Hunter's presentation. Mr. Hunter is the curator of the Smithsonian's Museum of American History. Should be great so come early and grab some chow and enjoy the evening. This is another joint VGCA-NRA affair. Last time we did this we had upwards of 90 members and guests. (Ed Wages--better get lots of food!). Feel free to take photos and if you give them to me, we can have Larry put them on the new web page.

Upcoming Show

We need to distribute fliers this time so take some with you when you leave the meeting. We will need help on setting up on Friday the 17th. If you can lend a hand, arrive about noon or so and Jim Burgess will find work for you. Lunch is provided for those who help.

Everyone needs t help getting every gun tied on the tables. Keep ties with you--Ed Costello has lots of them. Ask that every gun be tied. We will need help at the door. We really need to check the incoming arms to see they are empty. Also, since Mo will be out, we will need help judging. (See me if you can help). Clean up must be done on Sunday at 4. So see Gary Holderman, me Jim Burgess, Ed Johnson and lend us a hand. Should be a great time, as usual.

Welcome to Some New Members

Please make Craig Sandler, Marc Gorelick, and Bill Haller feel welcome. Photo ID badges will be made as usual at the show. Settle up with Ed Costello with your dues. His table is at the right hand back corner to the right of the stage.

Col. Grier Checked In From Scotland

Col. Grier is still up to his old tricks over there. He reported that he just rebarreled a .55 Boys AT Rifle down to a .50. He did not report how many rodents or politicians he has shot at. He also provided a local cartoon to give you a take on the Scots' views of gun control.

Lee Turner Continues to Heal

Lee reported that despite the advances of modern medicine and surgery, he continues to get better. Just proves that you can't keep an old submariner down too long. Eventually they come up for air. I hope he does not decide to start flying again.

Not too much else to report right now. Hope you can make the meeting on 26th

Addison Hurst