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As most everybody understood, there was neither a meeting nor a Newsletter in July.  To the many who called about the July meeting, your eagerness is appreciated by all.  To those who called and asked about the absent Newsletter, a heartfelt "thank you".

June Meeting

It was a great meeting cosponsored with the NRA.  Larry Wilson, who in addition to writing The Guns of Bill Ruger, has written more than 30 books and has had more than 200 articles published, gave a presentation in the auditorium.  Then he led a discussion and presentation in the museum.  If you were not able to make it to the meeting, you owe yourself a visit to the museum to see the room filled with Ruger's guns.  It is the first time some of them have been allowed out of Ruger's home to be seen by anyone  else since he acquired them.

Those who attended the meeting had the opportunity to sign Ruger's birthday card.  He turned 84 on 21 June.  What a life he has had: designer, inventor, manufacturer, and collector.  His company has produced 17-million guns to date, has been on the Stock Exchange since 1990, and has never been in debt.. He gave one million dollars to the NRA, which served as the incentive for the new museum.

When you go to see the collection, take a good look  at the Japanese Nambu and the Ruger model that sits next to it.  Then look at the Nambu again and take a look at the other Ruger pistols.  Yes, Nambu had a great deal of influence on Ruger.

NRA-ILA Update

Chris Manta, the NRA-ILA Coordinator for 17 States including Virginia, gave a very informative update.  Smith & Wesson has had to drop out of the well-know lawsuit and closed two plants.  There may be a counter suit against S & W for wasting taxpayers' money.  The Department of Defense has squashed the idea of an S & W military rifle.  The NRA is approaching a 4-million person membership.  West Virginia and Virginia now have a reciprocity agreement for concealed carry.

Show and Tell

Two Ruger guns were presented.  Larry Hare brought a Ruger Number 1 single-shot rifle in .3.0-06 that has been in his collection for 20 years.  Tom Kryiakakis brought a Ruger Red Eagle, serial number 18xxx, that he got in 1954.

More on the picnic

We were slightly over budget because we bought eye protectors, so it cost the VGCA $1954.  The great things we did in Charlotte, however, were under budget.  It only cost us only $1397, so it evened out.

Next Meeting

It's on Thursday, 24 August.  Colonel Keith Gibson, the VMI Museum Curator, will bring some of the weapons from down Lexington way and what should be an informative, historical presentation.

EXCOM Meetings

Since the Regular Meeting in June, there have been two EXCOM Meetings.  In the first, plans were made to continue the effort to expand our shows in 2001.  We are coordinating with the property owners.

In the second meeting, revised Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation were reviewed.  They will be fixed again and submitted to our CPA and legal advisor.  The results of their review should then make it possible to submit the updated Bylaws to the membership for concurrence.  Needless to say, a lot of work has been done so far, and is ongoing, in the effort to make us a not-for-profit organization in all facets.  The IRS has started to return tax money so that portion is already successful.

Sad News

Paul Reaney passed away recently. His funeral was well attended by VGCA members.  Addison sent flowers from the membership.  Paul was a long-time member and will be missed by all who knew him.

Secretary's Subtleties

Let's make our Gun Show in September the best one yet.  The show in March, from the standpoint of support from the membership, was the best ever.  Even with that, a few more bodies helping out, make it easier on everyone else, especially at close-up time.

All dealers and collectors who have tables must be especially watchful at our show.  I was told that at two shows out West, antigunners were caught putting cartridges into display rifles.  At my most recent show, some kid walked up and started pulling triggers.  His father did not say a word to stop him; I was busy and did not see it; and, fortunately, one of the show sponsors ran over and reprimanded the young man.  Then I retied as many guns as I could.

President's Corner:

We are about to see if it might be possible to expand our show in March 01 into both big hall and the one behind the main hall at Hugo's.  Keep your fingers crossed and maybe even utter a small prayer!  If it happens, we could possibly add another 100 tables.  Of course, if it works out, there will be a lot more work for everyone.  We have an expanding Association (my guess is probably 330 now) so I do not think that will be a problem.  I will keep you informed as this unfolds.

In response to several requests, we can have VGCA baseball caps made.  The original company has us in its computer so we can avoid the set up charge.  Blue might be a better color than white because the white caps some of us still have soil so easily.  The cost will vary in accordance with the quantity we buy.  I expect the cost would run about $10 per hat and maybe a little more. if we do not buy at least 12 dozen as we did several years ago.  Please let me or any EXCOM member know if you would like a hat or two.  It would be nice to have them in time for the September show, but because of the time crunch it may be an impossibility.

We need to make sure all bases are covered for the 16-17 September show.  We will need all hands on deck for this one, and it is important to attend the meeting in August to help get it all sorted out.

Please pass the word about the October presentation--especially to all Marines.  Jim Land will be presenting the program he developed for snipers in Viet Nam.  Bring in all your sniper guns and ammo, Ghillie suits, etc.  It will be a super presentation and will start at 7 p.m. as it is a joint NRA-VGCA affair.

Ed Wages was taken to the hospital last week after suffering a stroke.  Please keep him in your prayers, and let's all hope for a speedy and full recovery.

Hope you all had a good summer.  See on 24 August.