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Membership Meeting

The show will be the meeting for this month. Hopefully, by now it is known that the set up is on Friday, the 17th. Please come and help. Jim Burgess will be in charge as usual. Be there by noon or so and help set up the tables. New members and old lazy members, here is a chance for you to do some meaningful work to earn your keep and somewhat justify your existence. If you can not come on Friday, please sign up at the front door to pull an hour or so at the front desk checking incoming guns and making sure that all guns are tied with the plastic ties that Ed Costello has. All members should take some ties with you and make sure during the show that all guns are tied for safety. Bring a small set of clippers to enable guns to be untied while being examined. Just make sure they get retied. Not getting anyone shot or killed is a major consideration. Having the dealers and the "armed wanderers" tie their guns is important. Always remember, you could be on the receiving end of a round fired out of ignorance. We do not want that. So lend a hand and protect yourself and your fellow members. Any VGCA show you can walk away from is a good show no matter how many souls pass through the gate.

If you can help with night security, see Ed Costello. If you can help with clean up on Sunday at 4 PM, just stick around and grab a broom and help take the tables down. They only have to be stacked and not moved out of the hall.

Gary Holderman will have the camera there to make photo ID badges. New members-you can pay your dues to Ed Costello if you have not already done so. Annual and Life Memberships are available. Gary is in charge of the Show Committee. He always needs help so offer to be a monitor and to report questionable things. See Gary for details as to what is questionable.

August Meeting and a special invitation

Harry Hunter's presentation about the Smithsonian's collections was really great. Probably over 90 or so attended. He and his most able heir apparent, Sarah Rittgers, have invited VGCA over to have a look at the Smithsonian's back room where there are tons of firearms not yet on display. This is an invitation for a white gloves tour. Gloves will be issued so you can pick up many of these treasures. If you missed the meeting, you missed seeing some incredible arms. The back rooms are small and it will only be possible for groups of 10 to go in any one time. Depending on the number of groups of ten, the tour will last about an hour for each group.

Therefore, we are asking that you sign up for a specific time. The date is Friday, October 1 at the National Museum of American History, Constitution Ave. N.W. between 12th and 14th Streets. Probably the best way to get there is on the Smithsonian exit on the Metro Blue Line. The tours will start at 9:30 AM. Several folks have already indicated a desire to go. Please come to the show and see either Mo or me to sign up for a specific time. We will have tours all day if there is sufficient interest. If you are not going to the show, please call or write me ( my ISP just went out of business and my e-mail may be screwed up for a few days or more.) and let me know when you want to attend. Group 1 will be at 9:30, Group 2 will be at 10:30 etc. Ten persons per group. We will have a sign up roster at the show. As Mr. Hunter is about to retire, a chance like this may not come our way again. So, regardless if you have indicated to me that you want to go or not, please let me know WHEN you will show up. As we have to submit a list in advance of those persons who will be attending, the cut off time for signing up will be the show. Name tags will be issued to all those persons who attend. Please come to the information desk on the first floor of the Constitution Avenue entrance at your appointed time. You can pick up your name tag and receive your free gloves. The phone number there for Ms. Rittgers is 202-357-4941. The general information number is 202-357-1300. This is a great way to use a day of sick leave and start out the weekend in a very positive way!! Maybe we can have lunch and see some other parts of the Smithsonian. This will go regardless of the weather so come prepared for anything and have a good time.

New Members

Please meet out newest member, Don Wong. Col Wong is a delightful gentleman who attended our VGCA picnic. His interest is in small arms. He is a Viet Nam vet and a true kindred spirit of mine since we were in the same area while there. Make him feel at home.

For Sale

Contact Roger Sherman (703-620-3652) if you would like info about a MIAI Carbine that is correct and about 98%.

Contact Jeff Perkins at 301-251-9426 about a correct M1903A4. It is a Rem 3.4 million range with a scant stock and Weaver 330 scope. Price is $1450.00 Jeff says it is right and if he says so, take my word for it--it is.

Hope to see you at the show and at the Smithsonian.

Addison Hurst