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Monthly meeting

Please note that, as usual, the Nov and Dec meetings are combined to avoid the problems with the hunting seasons and the Holidays. The next meeting is to be on Thursday December 2 at 7 PM rather than the normal 7:30 PM. Come early and grab some chow. (Ed Wages - please make sure the food is available. A large crowd is expected.)

The program is, as you have been told, an NRA presentation by Phil Schreier. The subject is The Colts of Capt. Sam Walker… don’t miss this one. We will start at 7 sharp so come early and be prepared for an excellent program. Obviously, if you are in possession of any Colt Dragoons of the 1849 period, you might want to bring them along!! Bring along your show and tell items as usual-regardless of the type.

Election of Officers for 2000-02

At the January meeting, we must elect officers—president, vice president, secy and treasurer. As many of you know, Ed Johnson wishes to step down as President. Ed has been our leader since 1983—and the club is what it is today simply because of his outstanding leadership and work. He will remain for all time as President Emeritus. You need to be seriously thinking of who you want to replace him. The job of President is critical to the future of the club…so think about whom you want for this job. It will probably be the most important election since we started in ’83—so do not take this matter lightly. Nominations will be open from the floor at the meeting. The other officers’ positions are just as important. Make your vote count and get the best possible folks in these positions. You need to be present to vote so make the effort to be there! It is your club so you must decide who are to be its’ leaders. The Nomination Committee consists of only one person so far—Emory Hackman whose home number is 703-538-7188. Call Emory and let him know your thoughts. He was the only person to volunteer at the last meeting to head up the very important nomination committee. There were probably some 60 or so members present. I do not think that speaks well for the willingness to help out…the club is what you make it. If you just sit on your butt and do nothing to help, you are not part of the solution but you remain part of the problem. So for once, get involved and make sure the officers are those who will do the best job for the club.

Voting on New Members

We need to vote on the applications of eight folks. We will discuss this at the meeting. The applicants are: George D. Brock; Thomas Hunter Burts; Thomas Edward Kivlehan Jr.; Geoffrey S. Leighton; Dilworth S. Cook Jr.; Roger L. Mercier; Benjamin L. Sims IV; Edwin T. Oliver, Jr. If you sponsored these people, make sure that these folks or you are there to speak for them.

A visit to Russia to see General Kalashnikov

Several VGCA and NRA officials recently were invited by the Russian government to attend the 80th birthday celebration of the General. No club funds were expended. However, it was one fantastic trip. If you are interested, there were lots of photographs taken. Contact those who went to get the details. The General and his family extended their best wishes to their many friends in VGCA and NORVA. He is one robust man—80 years or not! Contact Jeff Perkins at 301-251-9426 about a correct M1903A4. It is a Rem 3.4 million range with a scant stock and Weaver 330 scope. Price is $1450.00 Jeff says it is right and if he says so, take my word for it--it is.

I hope you can make the December meeting. We will revert to the 4th Thursday with the start of the New Year… Jan 27; Feb 24; March 23…

Addison Hurst, Secy.