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V.G.C.A. NEWS August, 2003

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President’s Corner    

Happy New Year to everybody. The announcement for the last meeting replaced the Newsletter because the wonderful lady who makes all the copies and sees that our Newsletters are mailed on time was in an auto accident that very nearly took her away from us. All members should thank the Lord that Teresa and her lovely young daughter survived. Teresa is recovering more quickly than anybody could have imagined, but it will be a long process. Please include her and her loyal family in your prayers. She is thankful for the cards and flowers from the members who knew about it.

Last Two Meetings
George Madis was the guest speaker at the last joint VGCA-NRA program of 2003. He enhanced everyone's knowledge about Winchesters and discussed each of the Show and Tell Winchesters that were on the tables. It was another outstanding program by another well-informed firearms expert.

The November-December meeting continued with Winchesters. Bob Sears limited his program to the Winchester 95. Every time Bob talks he shows us why most consider him to be the font of knowledge that he is. His program included 24 slides and the museum's serial numbered 1080 flat-side model.

Business Portion of the Last Meeting
The NRA Annual Meeting will be in Pittsburg from 16 to 18 April 2004. The two meetings where we previously sent delegations and displays were well received, and the VGCA was rewarded with prizes and publicity. We would like to attend and display again, and we will receive NRA support again. There will be more on this later, but it appears that we will more than Likely have a 1903 rifle display to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the acceptance of the Springfield 1903 rifle as the standard-issue shoulder arm for the U.S. military services.

Pete Roberts showed a table cover with the VGCA logo. The covers are 60 by 108 inches and make excellent table covers for gun shows. Pete is the point of contact and said that the more orders he can get, the less the price will be. I don't think I got the price right, so we will ask Pete to tell us about it again at the next meeting.

The primary business was the presentation of the slate of officers nominated for election. Emory Hackman chairs the Nominating Committee and presented as follows. Addison Hurst for President, Jim Burgess for Vice President, Larry Hare for Secretary, and Ed Costello for Treasurer. There was only one nomination from the floor, and that was Con Rice for Secretary. Please look at the Ballot that is included in the envelope that brought you this Newsletter, read the rest of this Newsletter, check the date the Ballot must be received by to count in the vote, check the box, and mail it before you forget about it.

We again talked about the fact that Hugo’s is for sale. We have a confirmed date for our September Gun Show; 25-26 September 2004, so we have firm dates for both of our shows in 2004. As reported earlier, the dates for the spring 2004 show are 27-28 March, which is the week after the annual show in Timonium, Maryland.

Two new members were introduced: John Strott and Bruce Perkins.

Addsion also reminded everybody to check the VGCA website in the event of future inclement weather.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at 7 p.m on 22 January. Please note that the fourth Thursday in January is not the last Thursday of the month Also please note 7 p.m. rather than 7:30. Addison will present the Program, and it will be about the Krag-Jorgenson rifle. He wants everybody who has a Krag and wants to show it to bring it.

Candidates for Secretary
Larry Hare agreed to run for Secretary when nobody seemed willing to step forward. Larry, who is affectionately known as Mr. Show and Tell was elected to the Board last year. A long-time member, Larry supported the Executive Committee many years before he was elected and is also the Membership Chairman. He devotes long hours to keep us on the right track. Larry will be content to stay on the Board doing all that he already does to support the Secretary and Treasurer if he is not elected, AND he would prefer to remain a member of the Board.

Con Rice has been a member for approximately five years. He is an active member of Show and Tell, and his oldest son recently presented his air gun collection at a meeting. Con volunteers to help out at each Gun Show and attends all the picnics, bringing his sons and instructing them in range safety operations before letting them fire. Con served in the Marine Corps from 1977 to 1981 and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of North Texas. He presently works in the computer technology and sales fields, as he has for the past 23 years.

Secretary’s Subtleties
This is my last Newsletter. I have enjoyed writing it for the past four years and would like to do it forever, but it just plain cannot be. I no longer have the time to devote to doing the Secretary’s job in the manner in which I believe is necessary.

Please note that the mailing address of the VGCA will more than likely change to that of the new Secretary. It will no longer be the Post Office Box listed next to my name on the Newsletter masthead. My business mail box changed a year ago, but I kept the old mail box to make it easier for me to receive VGCA mail. I will be giving up the box shortly, so any mail sent to me will be returned to the sender.

President’s Corner
Please take the time to vote and to join me in thanking Mike for the job he has done, first as a member of the Board of Directors and then as Secretary of the VGCA. I have valued his counsel and support and will miss it.

Larry Hare is going to try to compile a list of member email addresses, so if you want to be included please give your address to either Larry or me.

We need programs for February, April, and May. Come on guys. There is a wealth of gun knowledge in the VGCA. Please volunteer to do a program and share it with us.

Please keep your eyes open for a place to have our gun shows in the event we lose the
right to have it at Hugo’s.

Let’s do more in 2004 and continue to make the VGCA bigger and better. -- Addison