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V.G.C.A. NEWS April, 2001

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April Meeting Gun Show Kudos
NRA Convention VSSA Freedom Museum
Secretary's Subtleties President's Corner

April Meeting. Please plan to attend the meeting on Thursday, 26 April.  It will start at 7p.m.  Mr. R. L. Wilson, the same person who gave the highly attended and acclaimed Ruger presentation, will make the same-type presentation about Beretta firearms.  The presentation will conclude in the museum. The room that had the Ruger collection now houses a Beretta collection.  I saw it last week and, as usual, the museum folks have made a great collection greater because of the way it is presented.  Another thing to remember is the auditorium was overflowing for the Ruger presentation, and some were turned away.  That's not supposed to happen anymore, but it would behoove all of us to get there early, eat a sandwich, drink a soda, chat with a member or NRA guest and get a seat.  I stopped counting at 225 attendees the last time.

We will also vote on at least seven new applications for membership, so please return promptly from the museum so we can vote and take care of some VGCA business.

Gun Show. We had a great show in March with approximately 2230 paying customers.  It wasn't a record, but it was close.  There was some great stuff for sale, and the displays were outstanding.  First place went to Joe Cusumano for his U.S. .22 Training Rifle display.  Pete Roberts won the second place award with The Rare Ones of Smith and Wesson.  Third place went to Jim Landers for his display of Derringers and Pocket Pistols.  There were four Judges Choice awards: John and Tim Marcum for U.S. Infantry Muskets and Rifles; Kelly Cook for .22 Automatic Pistols; Gregory Innocent for Roosevelt's 1895 Winchester; and John Gebhardt for Military Conversions Over the Years.  Congratulations to all the winners and to all who displayed for the time and effort taken to show their treasured firearms and make our show a better show.

Kudos. Many people helped make the show a success.  Phil Hill did a marvelous job of managing table applications, ensuring they stayed filled, and managing the table renters, some of whom didn't particularly like having to live by the rules.  Jim Burgess was Phil's right-hand man throughout and managed the take-down of the show.  Gary Holderman again managed the overall aspect of everything that has to take place during the two-day extravaganza.  The gun-checking table was handled by Pat Kelly, Bill Egan, Jeff Baggin, Robert Pettis, and John Frietsch.  Helping Jim with take-down and clean-up crew duties were Pat Kelly, Kelly Cook, Emory Hackman, King Von Schilling, Art Shindler, Paul Peak, Al Jorgenson, Vernon Cochrane, and Tom McMichael. We also had young marines sponsored by Tony Romano: Curtis Romano and Marty Mitzel.  I'm sorry if I missed anyone, especially the names of the people who carried and arranged the tables.

NRA Convention. In the last Newsletter I said that the Schrier boys will represent us at the NRA Convention.  I hope Charlie and Vince Rausch accept my humble apology.  Last year the Rausch boys, supported by Gary Holderman and Jack Bokinsky, led the way to the two awards presented to the VGCA.

VSSA. The Virginia Shooting Sports Association sent us a very nice thank-you letter for our donation to the VSSA General Fund.  Mr. Luicien J. Charett, the Executive Director, commented on "the harmonious relationship between out two organizations.  Maybe we can get the 100-percent duel membership."

Freedom Museum. Alan Cors has once again invited the VGCA members and their guests to his twice-yearly presentation at Aden Field in Manassas.  The title of the program is Voices of WWII: From Africa Through Europe.  There will be two guest speakers, a vehicle display, and a selected feature vehicle that will be demonstrated in detail.  I want to be there, but my niece's wedding will prevail for my time.  Please RSVP acceptances only on the voice mail at 703-827-0736 not later than 2 May.

Secretary's Subtleties. It was a great show, but we can still improve.  Table renters who wouldn't dare leave other shows early have no qualms about leaving ours; who complained about the new strictness of the rules wouldn't dare complain to other promoters.  Table renters complained about the lack of quality on other tables and blamed it on the VGCA; so did a few paying customers.  Paying customers also complained about so-called other-than-honest table renters.  At least one table renter, and he was quite vocal about it, blamed the VGCA for the roof leaking.

One thing that truly bothered me this time was that there were people in each class of table renter who thing the tighter rules are OK but not for them.  One was downright gross about the aisle arrangement at the beginning but agreed that it was a good idea.

This is what I said to each complainer and it still holds.  "The Executive Committee approved the show rules, and as a VGCA officer and member of the Executive Committee, I agree with and support those rules."

President's Corner. I would like to personally thank everyone who helped make the recent show such a total success.  A lot went right, and a few things went wrong.  We plan to fix the problems.  One way you can help us do that is to take the time to carefully read and reflect on the show rules that will be mailed to you soon.  Tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what you feel strongly enough about to want to see changed.  I assure you that the Executive Committee will review every comment.  After review, a revision will be mailed to the membership for your vote.  That's about as democratic a process as I can think of to address the issues.  We will also ask for a voluntary telephone and admin information update from everyone.  So look for it in the mail, and don't miss the April meeting.  R. L. Wilson's presentations are simply superb.  Finally don't forget the picnic at NORVA on 2 June.  -- Addison